ABBA & Inma

One Dress, One Day

“Waterloo” EUROVISION, 1974


EUROVISION appears in my manuscript because the story takes place in Spain, 1990. I worried about the reference because American readers might not know this famous contest. Now a spoof film based on the Eurovision experience will be available to all those who want in on the fun.  Here’s the original post with an extract from “One Dress, One Day.”

Everyone knew ABBA from that famous appearance on the Eurovision show in 1974. One Dress, One Day’s heroine, Inma, knew the whole rags-to-riches story.

“Any TV talent show would be terrific exposure. It could get her to the Eurovision song contest so she could represent Spain. Not shy, Inma knew she would give it her all. One lucky break and she could make it big, like Julio Iglesias or ABBA. Everyone knew how they got their start singing on Eurovision.”


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