Para Tomar or Drinking in Local Colour

Many residents have a Celtic air about them. This influence appears in Gallego and Asturiana music so the bagpipe player (gaitero) suits sidra perfectly.

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Grace Kelly or Angelababy? 60 years or so apart but glamourous gowns unite them.


Dream Wedding Dress?

OR Dream of a Wedding Dress with Online Interpretation  My Celtic side makes me superstitious. Standard interpretations learned at my grandfather’s knee include oppositions, e.g., if you dream of a wedding, you’ll go to a funeral! I do dream of being in a wedding dress at least once a year. It is not always my […]

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Judging by the Cover

Naively, I believed accompanying artwork would make my proposal stand out. Perhaps I was influenced by Céline Dion’s story about how, as a teenager, she wrapped her demo cassette with a big red bow then sent it to her future agent and husband, René Angélil.

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