“Tapas to absorb the copious copas of alcohol”


When I studied in Salamanca, it took some time to work up the courage to take a deep breath and wade in to a busy bar to fight to the front and yell an order in Spanish. Over time little tricks of the trade make trips for tapas easier and more enjoyable. Travelling to Barcelona meant finding new spots, though.

Weddings in Hollywood, Bollywood, Santorini, plus a Few Other Spots

Weddings in Hollywood/Bollywood and everywhere in between. Although my manuscript tells what happened after the wedding, I see small cycles every six to ten years in cinema. We find 1995, 2005, 2011, 2018 offer films with weddings. Of course, besides the bride and groom, many characters and plot twists involve the bridal party, the whole big party itself, destinations like Las Vegas, plus a trend of kidnapping.


In this excerpt, the heroine of One Dress, One Day had broken up with Rubio, or so she thought… “Lastly, Inma looked under her bed expecting only dust bunnies. A small silken brown ring box lay near the bedstead. Not hers, whose was it? No boutique or brand name. Had it fallen or been placed there? Untying the knotted grosgrain ribbon, Inma wondered. Rubio? It hit her. Maybe he was intending to give her a serious piece of jewelry to solidify their relationship? Trying to surprise her? Rubio never did explain why he threw up and ran out of their love nest.”