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Paths that cross or coincide

Thank you for this reminder of our ‘fellow travellers’. I mean those we may pass or those who may be by our side.  Let’s look forward and to our left and right! Smile, recognize them. A bit of our life story is shared with those walking along the path. via Photo Challenge: Rounded

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Music in European Streets

It was the contrast and juxtaposition that drew us to Angela Furtado’s compelling photograph of the lonely accordionist. via The Accordionist — Discover Exquisite photo that you can almost hear. The sounds of an accordionist resonate sometimes in a subway or metro station but often in the streets. In Athens, Greece, the early immigrants (refugees or […]

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Sr Barry White in Barcelona?

  A soundtrack, a playlist, a mix-tape…Elevator music? What do the above-mentioned have in common? Soul, pop or classical flamenco, much does depend on taste and location.  Even before the coining of ‘world beat’, music would travel incredibly far and fast.  It is an international language, more powerful than Esperanto. Ironically, I remember Kenny Rogers […]

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What Writing Advice Again?!

“write what you know”… so why set my tale in Barcelona? You might wonder as I am Canadian. However,  One Dress, One Day is based on real events that unfolded in Barcelona, Spain’s second city and capital of Catalonia.  What’s more, this was a gritty Barcelona in 1990, two years before the Olympics or the […]

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