Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

What happens when you can not read someone’s eyes? He/she becomes “inscrutable”.

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Sant Martí

Originally posted on Transient Eye:
A short set of film images taken around the Glòries area of Sant Martí, Barcelona, and which form a coda to the previous piece about the Torre Glòries. Taken with the Leica M7, 50mm C-Sonnar and Ilford Delta 400.

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Amenacer (Spanish): Dawn

 This is the first line from the Amenacer (Dawn/daybreak) section of my manuscript One Dress, One Day, the chronicle of a stolen #weddinggown. All action takes place within 24 hours, divided as in a Spanish day. “AMANECER The bus turned off the highway. A faint mauve aura hovered above the horizon then the sun hit […]

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Daily Prompt: Almost

Here is the moment in ONE DRESS, ONE DAY when the thief, Francisco, realizes that he has found his victim, a young French bride.  Not only has this low-life stolen her wedding gown, he will extract a fee to return it. Notice that the Parisian is almost crying, not hysterical. “Droplets of sweat formed along […]

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