State of Independence XIII

Many people ask me about separatism in Spain.. This photo essay tells the tale well with contemporary photos. GRACIAS. #writer #translator #novellario

Transient Eye

Woman waving a face mask with Albert Boadella, parodying similar masks of Carles Puigdemont.

An update on the Catalan independence protest with a set of images taken on a March march against the independence movement, led by the Tabarnian movement.

Tabarnia is a fictional region, which is seeking independence from Catalunya. It is a satire of the Catalan independence movement which has gained substantial popular support.

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ALMODOVAR in Inma’s Apartment

Inma’s tiny apartment is that of a barmaid, would-be singer, starstruck señorita.

The décor describes her best.

“Half a wall was filled with celebrity clippings and classic or blockbuster movie posters including a tough John Travolta and angelic Olivia Newton John embracing in Grease; the loud, colorful images from Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios.

Of course, Inma’s books, magazines, bibelots, and furniture have not been mentioned yet.

Books may be deceiving. People often keep books to keep up appearances or because they hate to throw away school material. (Maybe there will be a test?)

I once visited the room of a new beau whose books matched my tastes, Camus, Genet, Nelligan, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, … Later I found out these volumes were left behind by a roommate. To my chagrin, I found that out too late. In One Dress, One Day, Inma also learns about judging and appearances.

New special issue of translation journal (open access)

En tant que traductrice, je partage cette nouvelle. Existe en castellano.

From Words to Deeds: translation & the law

A new issue of Parallèles, the translation studies journal of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Geneva, has just been posted online.

It includes eight articles from the Transius International Conference on Legal and Institutional Translation held in June 2015 in Geneva as well as four book reviews.

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Inma’s Dream of Dancing while Dozing

Inma stared at one of the small overhead screens. She recognized a star like Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford — not her kind of hero— peered at the pale subtitles for a while then dozed off. She dreamed vaguely of dancing on stage, as if in a school recital or pageant, but as an adult, a matador.


CAMERA: Split Screen:  INT. Bus, Inma sleeping

B/W Stage, dream sequence Inma dancing hard on stage, like legendary Carmen Amaya, flamenco in modified matador suit. Elegant, sensual but discreet, not too stagey.


SFX: muffled flamenco, instrumental only

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Hole Where the Blindman and Thief Live

Extract from One Dress, One Day:

 After stealing the wedding dress…

“At least this way Francisco could make it around the next two corners and up the stairs to his third-floor squat in the ambitiously named Pensiόn Las Ramblas. Given both the national and municipal tourist boards’ accommodation categories, the sign should have read Casa de huespedes, guesthouse, rooms, or Habitacciones, definitely not Pensiόn.

Camera:  Street EXT. Shot of art deco sign, Pensiόn Las Ramblas

SFX: Francisco’s footfalls on stairs and his panting

Francisco was slightly winded by the first landing where another creditor, Uno-Uno, a state lottery ticket seller, stood patiently in the damp narrow stairwell.”


In my casting memo, as sent to ALMODOVAR,…

My choices reflect the place and time of the story.  I wanted Hispanics primarily or people who looked like they lived in Spain.  There are a few exceptions, like Latino immigrants on the street or the French couple robbed on their honeymoon.

The idea of a casting memo came from remembering how my Mother and Grandmother discussed at length who should play roles from novels that they were reading.

Actually for some characters in the novellario One Dress, One Day, there are choices.

Here the heart-throb is Enrique.  No se puede otro.  Antiono Banderas has another role.

Is it too commercial now to choose Enrique?  Would Almodovar do it?  I wonder but know that audiences will definitely respond to him, especially female audiences. He did appear in an American sit-com as the hunk.  A cameo  appearance.  I suggest including people like Victoria Abril and Charro as cameos in street scenes in the novellario.

Tony<Antonio                       Enrique Iglesias

Tall, athletic, with thick dark hair and bedroom eyes, ambitious for a farmboy but not sensible.

Always dressed to ride his motorcycle and ready to sell the family farm as soon as he inherits it, this child-man is attracted to the simple beauty and pure spirit of Nieves. He has not yet realized how much she loves him or how much he may love her.

Daily Prompt: Crank

Nieves is pregnant. Not surprisingly things begin to change.

“Now the thought of a slaughtered pig, chopping up gristle and cranking the meat grinder made her queasy.  A buzzing in her head warned her.  She tried to open the shutter and lean out the window but threw up everything onto the dirt floor.  To get rid of the bitter taste now coated thick on her tongue, she took a gulp of homemade wine from a heavy jug on top of the wobbly old kitchen table rammed up against the wall. Eyelids shut to escape her world, she prayed for Mother to be napping still so that she could be alone for at least another half hour.”

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