Daily Prompt: Guilty (Post)

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In One Dress, One Day, Uno is the blind seller of ONCE lottery tickets.

“He [Uno] was sleepy but glad to have a day off. His usual spot on the street would be empty. Nobody shouting out the next lottery date, prizes, and bonuses.  He didn’t feel guilty, though. In the past few days, even regulars had rushed past, waving away the tickets he held out patiently. The upcoming Holy Week meant excursions or spring holidays so no extra money for gambling. Streamlined tour coaches would soon start pulling in from France via the duty-free paradise of Andorra, but few foreigners ever bought.  A blind man selling lottery tickets was a quaint cultural artifact to them.”


Daily Prompt: Awkward

A key character in One Dress, One Day is Uno  Uno, a blindman who sells ONCE  lottery tickets.

“Uno always took out his standard-issue foldable white cane to ensure sympathy from fellow passengers. People were awkward anyway, but he preferred strangers’ hushing small children to loud whispers about him and stupid questions put to him. He stood at the red light, listening for the chirpy birdlike signal to cross. His condition was not dead obvious and had developed in his youth.”

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Daily Prompt: Thin

A gown is stolen in One Dress, One Day. This is the thief’s description:

Thin with acne-pocked skin, Francisco possessed wit, charm and street smarts. His overly gummy smile somehow endeared him to policemen and older women. They saw something salvageable in him. Perhaps even a hint of honor.”

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall and elsewhere…

Have you ever noticed how few or many mirrors surround you during a typical day? Do you use the mirror to wash your face and brush your teeth? 

Others might see you in a mirror. Think of the traditional mirror behind the counter of a small shop. Security.  You may or not catch a glimpse of yourself.

Mirrors and reflections punctuate One Dress, One Day. Window panes, computer or television screens count, too. Generally found above the bathroom or washroom sink, at the front door, behind a bar or shop counter, in a lobby, to name but a few examples.

First, the thief, Francisco, sees his face double in the sunglasses of Uno Uno.

“Francisco stopped, startled, as he saw his own haggard face in Uno’s reflective glasses, an excellent pair of fake Ray Bans.”

Does that unflattering view change the thief’s attitude or self-esteem?


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In One Dress, One Day, Francisco, the streetsmart thief, lives in Barcelona.

“His universe was the inner core of Barcelona, a labyrinth of old neighborhoods proud of their original parish names and mentalities. He rarely smelt the salt air or gazed out onto the murky sea. Any experience of a beach, like la Barceloneta, was limited and likely illicit.”

Scratch and sniff with the imagination

The Mediterranean seasons smell strong.  Salt, wild orange, fresh lemon, food, garbage, diesel,…

The warmth seems to unlock these aromas which unlock deepseated memories or emotions. Sometimes fleeting and barely noticed. Uno, the ticketseller in One Dress, One Day, enjoys a sensorial moment.

“Uno enjoyed the change of seasons when sunshine toasted his face or when the faint scent of orange blossoms caught him unexpectedly. Several noble orange trees still stood along the boulevards within parks or small squares inside the city core. Nobody Inked20180427_063746pot mauve_LIbothered to pick the over-ripe, bitter fruit, so the smell of squashed oranges added to his anticipation of warmer days.”


The thief, Francisco aka Calif, is ransacking the car parked on Las Ramblas, Barcelona.  He just broke into it and has not yet found the wedding gown at the heart of One Dress, One Day.

“Bruised apples and mushy black plums, duty-free premium whiskey as well as fluorescent green rain ponchos were rapidly rejected. In the glove compartment, a pair of men’s sunglasses brought a grin to his chapped pale lips. The inventory was not great but worth at least half his debt. Unlocked canvas luggage made for easy work. But within three minutes it was clear: no cash, no cameras, no electronics, no jewelry.”

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