Designer Glasses Reflect or Deflect?

Reflecting on reflections in One Dress, One Day

There are hidden mirrors like hidden cameras throughout this hybrid scenario-novella (novellario).  How many shiny surfaces surround you right now?  From bar to bathroom mirror, from novelty to compact or lipstick case mirror, right down to the computer screen that flashes, too.  Here is but one example from One Dress, One Day (Madrugada).

“Camera:  Shot of an art deco sign, Pensiόn Las Ramblas.  Francisco pants while running up a dark spiral staircase. A man wearing reflective sunglasses waits patiently. At 30, he is legally blind, a bit chubby.

SFX: Francisco’s footfalls on stairs and quick breathing

CC:  PENSIΌN LAS RAMBLAS. Francisco hurries inside the squalid rooming house. He suddenly spots his neighbor, a legally blind lottery ticket seller waiting.

Francisco stopped, startled, as he saw his own haggard face in Uno’s reflective glasses, an excellent pair of fake Ray Bans. The thief did not miss a beat and turned on his charm alternating between conspiring and flourishing tones. Normally he did not bother to speak with the blind guy in the hallway but always greeted him out on the street.”