The Power of Characters’ Memories

Recently the ARGO independent bookshop on Ste. Catherine St. in Montreal held a writers’ workshop.  One exercise included drafting a character’s memory. Revelation! It’s rather like an actor’s asking questions to prepare for a role, e.g., what would this  character’s best/worst childhood memory be? 

Think about your own choice!

Here is the result for Inma (Inmaculada), a heroine in ONE DRESS, ONE DAY. Ideally it occurs in the plot very early in the morning after a tiring nighttime bus ride back to Barcelona from an encounter with her ex-lover, Rubio.

“She [Inma] saw a fine bouquet on the doorstep of her apartment. Its cellophane and ribbons shimmered in the dim corridor.  This mysterious extravagant gesture startled her.  Who had left the flowers? Flattered then fearful, she paused remembering the sweet clover, violets and dandelions that she would pick on the way home from school. Her mother always took them with a smile.  Somehow this floral offering felt different. With no note, no fragrance it felt fake, too fancy, not fresh from the field or from the heart.”




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