Daily Prompt: Varnish

One Dress, One Day is divided according to the traditional Spanish day (Manana, mediodia,etc.). The prompt varnish reminded me of this poignant moment from Siesta, a section in the 24-hour story.  Part of the stolen #weddinggown is worn by Inma to impress her married lover, politician Gustavo Rubio.  The results were not what she expected.

a white sheath with a small rose fabric corsage pinned to a virginal bodice was too much for him.  It looked like his daughter’s communion dress. Little Noemi had perished in an accident exactly three years prior during Holy Week while he was driving the family sedan. They buried her in that dress, holding her favorite dolly and a chrome-plated crucifix attached to a rosary, inside a rose-lined white high-varnish coffin. The child’s bedroom remained untouched since that fateful day, piously swept and dusted by the maid who tiptoed in and out, always crossing herself as she pressed the door quietly shut. A tragedy.

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Flash fiction a la CORTAZAR

At Your Fingertip

Clicking on and off, scrolling, swiping, the fingertip longed for something soft, human. Sticky smudged screens no longer satisfied any tactile sensitivity. Like a child’s thumb, the digit went to play in the warm mouth. Yet tension from the jaw tightened and brightened teeth scratched the flesh. Now to get the spitty thing out and dry to shake hands. Afraid of AIDS? Well, no, but it is flu season. Have any antibacterial solution to sanitize the situation? Sterilizing fluid hermetically sealed before popped open and sniffed may yield a sense of giddiness. Also cleans papercuts. Useful. No nailbiting, please.